Recap 11/11-11/17/17


This past week had some success and some short comings with my goals.  I wanted to run/walk every day in order to assist my Quidditch team to the finish line and provide the winning pot of money to Back on My Feet.  I was also going to continue to write everything down and make sure I eat at least one fruit and one vegetable every day. So, let’s start with the fitness portion.

  • Saturday: ran 5.1 miles
  • Sunday: walked 2 miles
  • Monday: ran 4.8 miles, walked 1.1 miles on lunchIMG_2976
  • Tuesday: ran 5.2 miles, walked 2.3 miles on lunch, walked another .5 mile when I got home after a long day at work.  This was the night my team crossed the finish line and everyone was pushing themselves to their limits
  • Wednesday: Rest day
  • Thursday: Rest day- wasn’t feeling the greatest
  • Friday: Walked 3.2 miles

Overall, I would say a successful week with workouts.  The longer distances were a nice steady pace on the treadmill and I was getting used to completing longer distances.  After doing it a few times this week, it convinced me that I was ready for a 5k race again where I would be challenged by others.

Now, the food portion of the week was the less than ideal part of the week.  I started the week writing down what I was eating, but I stopped/wasn’t dedicated to it by Monday.  Then there was the fruit and veggie challenge.  The first day I fell short so the next day I made sure to get at least one in by the end of the day.  After the weekend the goal was just to start the process of eating healthier.  I had three salads this past week.  That is a huge improvement.  I hadn’t consumed a salad in quite a while before this week.  So, I’m going to just set this week behind me and start fresh with fresh fruits and veggies this week.  It definitely has to do with the preparation.  I went to the grocery store Friday and stocked the house with fruits and veggies that could be easily packed.  Over the weekend I will prep the food and make some food for my work day lunches.  I plan on making overnight oats for breakfast and adding some fresh fruit.

Overall, I saw success in some areas and some areas that clearly need improvement.  I didn’t fail necessarily, I fell short a few times and that’s okay.  I have an area for growth and I plan on focusing on that this week.  I’m going to continue working out in the morning and I’ll be adding back in a few days of weights.  Finally, I will be running a turkey trot race in my area on Thanksgiving.  I’ll be dusting off the old running watch for the first time in almost two years.

What are your goals this week?  Is there a Turkey Trot in your area that you can participate in with family or friends?  What types of foods do you like to pack for lunch to ensure healthy eating throughout the day?

As always, be confident, be fit, be you!


Weekly Recap 11/4-11/10

This week started the Quidditch tournament with the Hogwarts Running Club and let me just say, my team is #FawkesingAmazing!  This team is full of encouragement and great spirits.  The constant updates and stat breakdowns have been extremely helpful to see where we are in the tournament.  I can honestly say I have checked my racery team stats more than Facebook.  So, let’s get to the weekly fitness report.

  • Saturday: Vacation treadmill run plus 3 mile walk on the beach in the middle of the day!
  • Sunday: Treadmill run and walking Universal Studios Diagon Alley and Hogwarts for 12 hours.  Yes, we stayed in that portion of the part nearly that entire time.
  • Monday: 2.5 miles treadmill run
  • Tuesday: 3.5 miles in the morning on the treadmill and then 2 mile walk during lunch
  • Wednesday: 3 mile treadmill run
    • I seriously had no desire to get up this morning because I worked a 12 hour day on Tuesday and was woken up at 3:30am by our daughter who doesn’t sleep well.  But, I did it because my team was expecting miles from me.
  • Thursday: 3.2 mile treadmill run
  • Friday (AKA: my birthday): 2.3 miles- my daughter came downstairs at 5:30am so I had to stop sooner than I wanted.

Now, I will say I am doing far less miles than half the members of my team.  But, I am getting up every morning at 4:30am and getting some miles in to contribute.  The team goal to reach the finish line first and provide prize money to the Back on My Feet foundation is motivation.  I have really enjoyed this challenge and will definitely complete more of them in the future!

As I mentioned last week, I was going to start writing down my food I ate throughout the day.  All of it, the good, the bad and the seriously not healthy.  Well, I did that.  What I realized was that I was not only eating super unhealthy most of the time, but I was not eating any fruits or vegetables.  Like seriously, maybe twice this week.  I had a salad one day and that is all I can remember for the vegetables.  This is the one thing that will help me finally take off the rest of the baby weight.  I can no longer give myself excuses.  I need to start focusing on being healthy for myself and my family.


This coming weeks goals will include eating at least one fruit and one vegetable a day.  This is something that will need to increase obviously, but I need to start with something attainable for the moment.  I will also continue to write down what I eat and participate in the second half of the Quidditch tournament.  What are your goals for the week?  Do you have someone to check in with or report back so that you are being accountable?  I’m happy to help!  Until next time, be confident, be fit, be you!





Wedding, Beach and HOGWARTS!


This past weekend I was able to spend some time with my girl friends from High School.  We graduated High School 12 years ago and these ladies are still such an important part of my life.  That’s the bond a small, all girls Catholic school can create.

The weekend started on Friday when we met in Lake Mary, FL.  We just had a nice casual dinner and spent time catching up, not via texting, at Sonny’s.  It was some really good BBQ and conversation.  Then on Saturday, my friend took us to her childhood home and showed us around New Smyrna.  We met her grandma and had some great conversation.  Then we walked to the beach.  It was gorgeous and I was truly appreciative of the moment because I had been checking into the weather back home and it was less than ideal.  We took a long walk down the beach.  Like 3 miles or so to the jetty where we saw a lighthouse and I picked up some large seashells for my kids! We also saw some tortoises on our way back to the car.

It was time to head back to get ready for our friends wedding.  It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony.  The bride and groom had all of the bridal party and immediate family hold their rings for each of them to say a quick blessing, quietly, and share their love.  When they came back around, the rings would hold the love of everyone who touched them.  It was a really nice moment.  The wedding and reception were beautiful.

The next day, we headed to HOGWARTS!!! I couldn’t come to Florida and not go to Universal studios if I was less than an hour away.  We started first thing in the morning when the park opened and left when the park closed.  Yes, we stayed at Hogwarts or Diagon Alley almost the entire day.  We rode the Hogwarts express between the parks!  The day started with the ride at Gringotts, which was really exciting.  Then my friend and I had to get wands from Ollivanders.  I originally wasn’t going to get one, but then we found out they were interactive and had a life-time warranty so I was sold.  We were just like the little kids doing spells to make things move, stop or spit water!  We ate at the 3 broomsticks and had butterbeer, of course.  It was truly a magical day. I was so thankful that I was able to spend this time with my friends whom I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

If you ever get the chance to go to Universal, I highly recommend getting a wand.  At least one for your group but kids definitely would enjoy all of the interaction.  Next weeks blog post on Wednesday will be an updated Advent list for families.  I’m going to modify and adjust based on my time availability and my kids interests.  Until next time, be confident, be fit, be you!

Recap Week 10/13-10/20/2017

It’s that time of the week where I disclose just how successful or unsuccessful I was in completing my goals.  This week definitely presented some challenges and wore me out to a new level of tired.  I actually believe I’m learning to function on less and less sleep.  I have always been an 8 hour a night sleeper until now.  I’ve been able to get up and complete workouts with 6 hours of rest a night.  I’d definitely prefer the 8 hours, but I’ll take what I can get!

So, here goes.  I started the 15 day burpee challenge as mentioned in my weekly recap last week.  I have stuck with it every single day and am through day 8 as of yesterday.  There were days when I didn’t want to do the burpees, but I just reminded myself that I made a commitment to myself and to the handful of people that read this blog.  I didn’t want to let anyone down, including myself.  The first few days I reduced the rest time by 5 seconds and I quickly learned that I needed to slow that pace down.  So, for the last two days I’ve decreased my rest time by just 3 seconds.  As the challenge has gone on, my legs have started burning a little more and I’m starting to feel some of the muscles in my stomach I haven’t felt since before Hailey! In other words, this is definitely a rewarding challenge.

Break down for the rest of the week in regards to activity: Saturday toured the Fallingwater house and walked the grounds around the home. Sunday, rest. Monday treadmill run. Tuesday weight training. Wednesday and Thursday rest. Friday treadmill run.

I also signed up for a virtual quidditch tournament with Hogwarts Running Club (HRC) and will be running for a wonderful organization called Back on My Feet. This challenge will start November 6th and run for two weeks.  I joined HRC a while back and found it to be incredibly supportive in keeping me motivated. Here is a link to their Facebook page. The quidditch tournament is full, but they have a ton of virtual races and currently you can sign up for the all of the races for this year with the time turner challenge!

Overall, I am happy with my fitness this week.  This coming week I would like to increase to 5 days out of the week doing a physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes.  I will also complete the burped challenge at the end of this week! I am also going to limit my sweets to one day this week. I haven’t been able to cut the sugar since pregnancy and I just stopped breastfeeding, so I have zero excuses now!

Until next time, be confident, be fit, be you!

Baby is HERE!

Well, I’ve been out of the blogging world for a little over a month, but I feel like I have a decent reason.  I do not make any money to write this blog, so I am able to take time off to really adjust to becoming a family of four.  The newest addition joined our family on Oct. 4, 2016.  He was born perfect at albs 3oz and 19in. long.  The biggest surprise was the hair, oh the hair.  Our daughter was born bald and really didn’t have any hair until she was 18 months and it came in blonde and tight curls.  Our son was born with straight dark brown hair and lots of it.

As we adjust, I have a lot more respect for parents of toddlers.  The newest addition sleeps well and I’ve only managed to be peed on a handful of times in this first month! Totally feel like I’m winning! On the other hand, there have been a ton of changes for our toddler. We transitioned her to a full size bed, she’s showing signs of wanting to potty train, and her sleeping is absolutely TERRIBLE.  I’m more exhausted from her getting up at insane hours of the morning. Due to her lack of sleep, she whines all-the-time.  Seriously makes me want to pull my hair out.  I can handle normal toddler behavior, the whining I CAN NOT stand.  I’ve really had to learn how to mentally remain calm and try to talk through the emotions with her.  She is a wonderful and insanely polite kid, so I think we can get through this phase of toddler emotions.

Now, onto the workout front.  I basically stopped working out during this pregnancy and ate whatever I wanted.  I gained right around 35lbs and came home from the hospital already down 12.  As I approach 4 weeks postpartum, I have roughly 10lbs. remaining and I have a long way to go to gain my strength and stamina back.  I have started walking and I jogged a nice slow pace for 6 straight minutes.  My goal for this week is to jog 4x this week for 10 minutes straight (or more if I’m feeling enthusiastic).  I will also need to get my food under control.  I am breastfeeding and have a ravenous appetite for anything and everything in my sight.  However, I am going to start with just one piece of this health puzzle at a time.

How is everyone else doing with their goals? What is one thing you want to work on this week to make a happier and healthier you?

Be confident! Be fit! Be you!

PS: I plan to take a progress photo and I may become brave enough to post it on the

Weekly Recap

Hey everyone!

Let me quickly recap the goals for last week.  I was going to work out 5x for at least 30 minutes, not eat anything after 7:30, pack healthy lunches to avoid sugar cravings, and drink 100oz of water per day.

I hit two-ish of those goals.  I did work out 5x this week (more on this later) and I also did not eat after 7:30.  However, the “ish” is because I definitely packed healthy lunches this past week, but that did not stop me from my sugar addictions.  I would head into a coworkers office to snag a few tootsie rolls.  I don’t even go to the cheap gym promoting such crap.  So, I ate my healthy foods, but also ate their junk food as well.  The only goal I was completely unsuccessful with was the water goal.  I was close to my goal a few days, I just couldn’t take one more sip.  I don’t like to drink my water later in the day because the obvious middle of the night bathroom trips are not wanted.

I am not going to say I was defeated this week.  I am going to say that I had some successes and some failures.  It gives me the opportunity to continue working towards those goals I was unable to achieve during this week.  I feel confident that I will be able to overcome my sugar cravings (I should probably stop making ice cream every weekend).  I am positive that I will be able to get my water intake up to the 100oz goal.  This week proved that I am able to tackle the goals that I am ready to achieve at this point and were I can seek improvement.

This past week I also injured my back (God only knows how) and was in a lot of pain. I woke up in excruciating pain and was unsure how I had ended up in this position.  I have literally no idea what I did to cause the problem.  I took it easy on Monday and was able to workout Tuesday.

This weeks goals: 1. Workout 5x this week 2. Register for Tackle the Tour 3. Instead of eating junk, find something to be productive 4. Continue to work towards 100oz of water per day.

These goals are obtainable.  Let me know what your goals are for the week!  As always, be confident, be fit, be you!

5k Recap

The first 5k of the season is in the books.  This past Saturday, I participated in the Run to the Resurrection 5k held at a local church.  I’ve enjoyed this race over the last couple of years for a few reasons.  First, the entry fee is literally a few can goods or a small donation.  There are no frills or prizes to be won.  It is just a family event that gets the blood flowing before a fun holiday with lots of candy. Second, this race is designed for the season runner looking to PR or the beginner looking to finish.  Since the course is 3 laps around a friendly neighborhood, there is always someone to cheer you on at every corner.  Seriously, by lap 3 they may even know your name!

This year, a friend of mine asked me to participate with her.  Unfortunately, she came down with a cold and was unable to attend.  But, the race went on and so did I.  However, this race didn’t go as smoothly as I had planned.

The night before I set my alarm for 6am.  It takes a lot more work to get ready for races when you have to pack up a baby.  I went to bed by 10 (I know, I’m such a party animal), and wanted to make sure I got plenty of rest.  I hadn’t been able to run much during the week leading up to the race so I was a tad nervous.  Morning came and my hubby’s alarm went off at 4am.  He needed to be at work by 5.  Sadly, the dogs thought this was their normal wake up time, so I had to take them out at 4:30ish.  I finally got back to bed at 5am.  I was passed out when I heard the dogs starting to bark.  I immediately panicked and sure enough my ride (the trusted parents) were in my driveway.  I race (no pun intended) downstairs to let my mom in and then back up to rush to get ready.  Mom tended to Hailey and got her ready as I hurried gathering my stuff and anything needed for the diaper bag.  We make it in the car within 10 min. of them being in our driveway.

After apologizing a few times, we make it to the race and a good number of people were already there warming up.  I, of course, need to feed Hailey prior to the race starting.  A quick bit to eat and then I am able to bundle her into the stroller for our warm up.  We take a small jaunt around part of the neighborhood route with a fellow church runner.  It was a slow, but steady pace that allowed me to get used to pushing Hailey.

The race started promptly at 8:30am and I started towards the back because I was the only one with a stroller.  I was able to pass a few people within the first mile. I was at a slow and steady pace of 9:30/mile for the first mile and then 10:20/mile for the second.  Honestly, I was a little tired.  However, when we finished the second mile, my mom was waiting on the sideline.  Unfortunately, her back was hurting and she needed to bow out before injuring it further.  The race season is just beginning to have an injury already.  So, I stop Hailey with her and then take off for the last mile.  I manage to run the last mile at a 9:17/mi. pace and felt like I was picking up the pace as the mile went on.

As I completed my race, I look to find Hailey and my mom.  It is at this time that I am questioned as to why I had the front wheel locked.  I had no idea that the front wheel could lock into place.  I knew the back wheels were fine, but the front apparently can lock (which makes turning rather difficult).  So, all in all I set my alarm clock for the wrong day and I ran 2.5 miles (when you include the warm up) with the front wheel locked.  For those circumstances, I am completely ok with my pace.

Coming around mile 2 before leaving Hailey with Grandma.

Coming around mile 2 before leaving Hailey with Grandma.

I am trying to figure out which race I want to compete in next and if I will push Hailey or have her stay on the sidelines with her daddy.  However, I know that I will enjoy every minute of the race and be proud of my time.

Anyone else have a funny story about a race they participated in recently? Until next time, be confident! Be fit! Be you!