T25 derailment

Well, I took a break from the T25 program.  Not because I wasn’t enjoying myself and feeling like I was getting a good workout.  I took a break because I have been able  to get out and enjoy a nice jog a few times throughout the past two weeks.  Our crap-tastic Ohio weather has varied enough of the last two weeks that I can get outside at least three times throughout the week.

This has allowed me to get in some practice with the jogging stroller.  I’m pretty sure that my kid thinks I’m drunk while pushing her because I don’t seem capable of pushing it in a straight line.  However, I am working on turning the stroller just slightly instead of quick turns (no more hugging the inside corner on turns 😦  ). I also seem to be a bit slow because I’m not sure if there is a safe speed to go while using the stroller. I’m sure I’m just being overly cautious and I will get over that hump, but for now I’m quite the tortoise.

Over the last two weeks I have been able to increase my distance with each run.  I’m still slow, but I’m getting further each time.  I know that once I get enough distance my shorter runs will increase in speed as well.  I can push myself a little bit harder for a 5k once I can run 8 miles at slightly slower speeds.

Taking a look ahead for the week, the weather seems to be cooperating! We may even hit 70 degrees by the end of the week!  I am planning my running days on Monday, Tuesday (weather pending), Thursday and Friday (also weather pending).  I hate that I seem to be a fair weather runner these days, but I can not drag the little one out in the rain.  On the days that I can not get out and run, I WILL put the T25 program into the dvd player and get a good workout in regardless of my excuses.

Hope everyone gets the chance to get out and enjoy the weather, no matter what activity you or your family decide to partake in.  Always remember to stay confident, stay fit and to be you!  I’m cheering for you!!!

PS. Hailey is 8 months old today! In just a few months we can start using the bike trailer as well!!!!


T25 Alpha Complete


Ok, so I just completed week 5 of the T25 program this morning.  It was rough and I could quite honestly say that it needs to be repeated right away. However, I am going to continue on with the 2nd phase on Monday.

The first few weeks I needed to modify with Tonia, but some I was able to do more than her and less than the rest of the group.  For example, I could do the spider pushup, but I couldn’t do the oblique pushups.  So, instead of going with Tonia, I continued with the spider push ups.  As the weeks progressed, I was able to stick with the group a little better. Although I still modify, even this morning.

Some of the cons of this workout is that it requires a good bit of jumping.  Although I am completely capable of jumping, the room that I am working out in just so happens to be my living room and hardwood floors.  Now, I do have a yoga mat I put down, but the stuff no the shelves still has risk of falling if I jump too hard.  I’m also trying to stay as quiet as can be because of the sleeping baby just a few steps away from me.   Another con of the video is the two a days on Fridays.  I do two a days on Tuesdays to get in a bootcamp class at the gym as well as a bootcamp class on Saturday.  So, Friday means 50 minutes instead of 25. Therefore, I break it up into a morning workout and then an afternoon workout for after my child finishes her nap.

I have noticed my running hasn’t been too damaged from lack of actually getting out to get mileage in.  When I have managed to get on a treadmill, I am able to maintain a good speed and get a few miles in without huffing and puffing.  As my boss keeps mentioning, March is literally in a few days.  I don’t believe that is going to change the outdoor running scenario, but at least someone is hopeful.  Once this weather decides to break, I’m finding my way to the park at least 3 days a week, even if I have to get up at 4:45am.

Hope you are remaining positive and continuing to challenge yourself.  Remember that changes in your fitness and health will happen over time and should not be done all at once very quickly.  Be confident! Be fit! Be you!

I’m trying something new tonight for Lent.  Check out my blog Monday for the food review!

Winter blues

Well, if you are like most people in the north, you are completely over the winter weather. It can be completely draining to constantly have to bundle up and stay in doors.  I hate being cooped up in the house, but with a 6 month old in the picture now, I don’t venture out just to window shop.  Heck, I don’t even venture out unless my life would depend on it.

This past week I was struggling to get up for my workouts because I was starting to get a cold.  By Friday it had really hit me and I wasn’t moving…well by some standards.  Once you have a kid, you really have no choice but to continue on with your daily activities. I took the day off work thinking I would nap when the little bundle napped.  She just had other plans.

After three good days of rest, I am back at my workouts with Shaun T and hoping to get some running in soon.  Unfortunately, it is not the brightest idea to bundle Hailey up and break out the jogging stroller just yet. ****SPRING NEEDS TO GET HERE NOW****  However, the running schedule is out and I need to start planning.

For the last couple of years I have started the season off with the Louisville St. Patty’s day race.  I may hold off on this one and be a fair-weather runner.  If it is a nice day, lace up my running shoes and join in just to get some exercise.  There would be no ultimate goal with this race besides finishing.  (The longest distance I have run since Nov. is 2.5 miles) I would also like to participate in the 8 mile Patriot Project Road March (requires carrying 35lbs on your back) in March, but we shall see. I may jump into that one on a whim and see how it goes.

If you are interested in running/walking any races this season, check out the challenge series website: http://ohiochallengeseries.com/client_images/files/28_news_6128.pdf

If you want to participate in your first ever 5k and need someone to run/walk with you, get a hold of me!  If it fits into my schedule, I would be happy to help you cross that finish line!!! I will go at whatever pace you are comfortable with so that you push yourself to do your best!

Be confident! Be fit! Be you!

T25 Review

Ok, so it won’t be a full review but rather a progress report.  I needed something to do at home in the wee hours of the morning while Hailey slept.  Since she is still on her own schedule for eating in the middle of the night, I never know when she will wake up in the morning.  This keeps me tied to the house at the moment, but I HAVE to work out.  I seriously go crazy if I can’t log some sort of fitness activity during the day.

After searching around and talking to a few different beach body coaches, I decided the T25 program would be best for me.  I have lots of friends and family that are participating in the 21 Day Fix and are getting great results, but I didn’t feel that I needed the food containers and information since I had my WW knowledge.  I knew that I couldn’t handle P90X (I tried it once and it wasn’t right for me) so getting the shorter workout versions just wasn’t an option.  I went with T25 after watching a few infomercials and talking to some people that had first hand experience.  I was hoping it would be intense enough that I felt like I was getting in a good workout, but not completely over the top. I knew that I could get 25 minutes of intense workout in no matter what.


The first week was challenging, but I completed the workouts with little modifications.  There are two video workouts that seem to have quite a bit of jumping (which can be exhausting).  However, the Ab video was incredible!  Out of all the videos, it was the one I didn’t expect to feel anything from but in reality I felt the muscles for two days after!

The second week was the same workouts but in a different order.  Hailey decided to return to her every three hour feedings during the night so I was a bit more tired than week one.  I ended up modifying a bit more for the total body workout and the cardio workout, but I got through them!  I completed every workout that was asked of me and I know that it will only get harder next week.

So far, I really like the workouts.  I think they are exactly what I was looking for with intensity and duration.  I can tell that I will see results with this program and I’ve got 6 more weeks to go (just like dreaded winter). I’m also still trying to make it to the gym for bootcamp twice a week, which means two workouts on Tuesdays! I have coworkers asking me if I’m losing weight again and I am definitely feeling more confident in how I look!

quote fitnessBe confident! Be fit! Be you!

PS. If you are interested in learning more about different beach body products, or want to get T25 for yourself, contact my friend Shalik at: https://docs.google.com/a/cune.org/forms/d/1ivtmE_PbnasyrxcafULWCrykRJ8V4JDqLZ50F5Ru6m4/viewform