Training Continues

I haven’t stopped training and I haven’t stopped tracking with various forms of tracking methods.  What I have stopped doing was updating my blog weekly with the recaps.  To be honest, I think “oh, I’ll just update every two weeks.”  But then that comes and goes and I still haven’t updated anyone on my training.  So, here goes the few weeks of training recaps as well as the Weight Watchers updates.

Training has continued to be 5 days a week.  I have 3 run days and 2 cross training days.  I am using the 80 day obsession sessions for the cross training.  I actually want to complete this entire series when I am done with my half.  I may modify to keep 2 running days a week because I want to keep up some distance running.  I’m loving the 80 day obsession workouts because they are hard but they don’t include a lot of jumping and lunges, both of which my knees can’t handle.

My running has increased and my longest run so far completed is 7 miles.  I’m actually ahead in mileage for this training plan, but the longer runs skip over 8 and 10 miles and go from 9 to 11.  So, by being a little ahead I can add in a 10 mile run with no problem and just inch up each week by 1 mile instead of 2.  I ran my 5 mile training run with a

run happy

7 mi. training run in 18*F

group of people training for either a full or half the week after my race.  During that run I met some very nice people and they introduced me to a group called Run Happy.  I joined their facebook group and found other crazy people that run at 5am consistently.  I was able to join up with them and have a good solid group of people to run with for my 7 mile training run.  I plan to join them each Saturday at the crack of dawn to train.  It gives me a sense of safety instead of running by myself.  Plus, I don’t find myself playing mind games to finish when I am with a group.  I keep pushing and telling myself to keep moving forward and make a turn that is further away from your car instead of ending short of the goal.

As for Weight Watchers, I am down 9lbs since I started 5 weeks ago.  I am losing slowly, which I am perfectly content with the results.  I haven’t completely given up my sweets and I’ve overindulged a few too many times.  I’m sure that number could be a little higher, but I haven’t deprived myself from foods that I want either, I have just cut back a little.  Over time, I am sure that I will be able to cut back even more to squash this sweet tooth that has taken over my taste buds.  I haven’t tracked everything, especially when I know the points will be insanely high.  Part of the reason I haven’t tracked certain foods is due to the process.  Not every recipe I use is in the system and I have to create a recipe before I can add the points.  This can be frustrating when the recipe on paper already tells me the points and I can’t just do a quick add, name the food, add the points and move on.  Regardless, I will continue to use the tracker and connect to help make me accountable for what I choose to eat.  Only when I am fully honest with myself will I see success.

Goals for this coming week:  Keep working through the training plan.  Track more consistently and honestly.  No CHOCOLATE- decided to give this up for Lent this year and I’ve noticed the struggle, but it is also a good thing.  I haven’t replaced the sweet with another form of sugar.  I did make egg-less chocolate chip cookie dough on Fat Tuesday and at half of it in preparation.

Be confident! Be fit! Be you!


Fitness Recap 11/18-11/24/17

running-family-isolated-vector-illustration-44748839Uh oh. I completely forgot to write my fitness recap this past week.  Having a few extra days off from work seems to have screwed up my internal clock.  But, alas, I am writing it now.  We’re just going to get right down with the nitty gritty.


Saturday: Treadmill workout

Sunday: 3.1 mile run outside with an average pace of 9:54/mile.  I was upset with this

number but I reminded myself that it was my first outdoor run in a seriously long time. I was running outside in preparation of the upcoming Turkey Trot and wanted to make sure I could consistently run the distance without stopping.

Monday: Unintentional rest day.  I just could not drag myself out of bed.

Tuesday: Treadmill run

Wednesday: Rest day


Thursday: Turkey Trot 5k.  I ended up running an 8:00 first mile (which is too fast for me and nothing I can sustain at this point) and then 2- 9:00 miles.  The second and third mile were more consistent with where I feel I should be at this point in my running.  I’ve slacked a lot after having my second child that I really didn’t anticipate running anything more than a 9:45/mile average.  I was pleased with my first race.  Winter is hitting Ohio, so I’m not sure how many more of these I will do before my half in April.

Friday: Rest day

The week overall wasn’t horrible on the fitness side. I was still able to get 4 workouts  in before divulging in yummy carb loaded food.  However, the holiday hit and I still have pie in my fridge.   This coming week will be to get rid of the pie and workout 5 days.  I need to start adding weight training back into my routine.

Did you run a Turkey Trot?  Hopefully you remembered to take a picture, because I always forget.  Until next time, be confident, be fit, be you!

Weekly Recap 10/28-11/3/2017

Running shoes - woman tying shoe laces. Closeup of female sport

It has been a week to say the least.  It was a good week as far as life goes.  We had a baby shower for some family members, I had a good week at work, no one got sick or hurt.  Overall, a good week for the family.  On the flip side of this is the workout plan.  My goal was to workout five days this week.  I wasn’t successful and that seriously bums me out.  So let’s do a quick recap.

  • Saturday: Baby Shower cleaning, set up, hosting and cleaning up
  • Sunday: Finish cleaning up from baby shower and Trick or Treat with our 3 year old (her first experience and it’s been entertaining to watch her try some of the candy.  So far on the no list: nerds, smarties, and whoppers)
  • Monday: Treadmill workout
  • Tuesday: Upper body workout with a treadmill warm up and cool down
  • Wednesday: Treadmill workout
  • Thursday: woke up for my workout and BOTH kids decided it was also time to wake up.  It was not a good start to my day.
  • Friday: Upper body workout with a treadmill warm up and cool down.  I even woke up at my normal time knowing I wasn’t going to work today.  I’m heading out of town for a friends wedding!

Getting four workouts in during the week is still good. I was able to push myself a little more on the treadmill and with my weights.  I just don’t like falling short of my goals.

This next week starts off in Florida with friends!  I am taking my workout clothes and I intend to use them.  Upon my return, I start the Quidditch challenge with the Hogwarts Running Club online.  The original goal per person was 1.5 miles a day, which was completely doable.  However, the Headmaster (yes, I’m starting to show how much of a nerd I am) has upped the miles to 4 a day.  This means I’m really going to have to bust my tail to get the intentional miles needed to help my team.  I will just focus on the fact that I am doing this for a greater cause than myself.  The teams that place in the top four will have prize money donated to the charity they are running for, in my case Back On My Feet.  So, there is some incentive to push hard and go strong!

write journal

My goals for this next week will not only include picking up mileage but also starting to watch what I eat.  I’m still having major sugar cravings that started with my second pregnancy.  I have got to cut the habit and start eating healthier.  The husband and I both agreed that we were eating out too much.  So, not only will I be eating healthier options I make at home, I will be saving money.  For my first food goal, I’m going to write down what I eat.  This is a great start to see just exactly how much I’ve been eating.

What will your goal be for the week?  Are you apart of any online racing communities that help you push and reach your goals or stay active?  Until next time, be confident, be fit, be you!

In it for the long haul

Week 2 of 22 marathon training is in the bag.  Well, the miles are tracked on the shoes and I am feeling better.  I made sure to get up at the crack of dawn, literally we are watching the sun rise at the park, to complete my runs.

So, here’s a quick recap of week 1 and week 2

Week 1:
Tuesday- 3 miles
Thursday- 3 miles
Saturday- 4 mile race 8:34/mi. pace
Sunday- should have ran 2 miles but my life got in the way

Week 1 total- 10 miles

Week 2:
Tuesday- 3 miles
Thursday- 2 mile walk (I was slacking and didn’t quite feel like running.  hailey decided 4am was a good time to wake up and stay up until it was almost time to head to the park.
Saturday- 4 miles (even on the weekends I get up at the crack of dawn to complete my miles. Best to get the miles in before the baby wakes for the day)
Sunday- 3 mile

Week 2 total- 12 miles

So, if we combine week one and week 2, I have almost completed a marathon….oh this doesn’t count?  I am hopeful.  However, I’m starting to run and breathe at the same time again.  At the beginning of this, I was huffing and puffing my way through 3 miles.  I know that my strength and endurance will continue to improve as the training progresses.

If you are interested in following the long 22 week training program you can find the link here in a previous post. I will be incorporating some of the training from this program as the weeks continue. I will also be adding in a CT day on Wednesday starting at week 18.

Hope you continue to enjoy this journey with me and that you feel inspired to complete your own personal challenge.  This is definitely going to be an interesting experience!


Hint Hint*** the Columbus marathon prices increase in just a few hours.  So sign up now!  I’ll even provide a link below!

Until next week be confident! Be fit! Be you!

5k Recap

The first 5k of the season is in the books.  This past Saturday, I participated in the Run to the Resurrection 5k held at a local church.  I’ve enjoyed this race over the last couple of years for a few reasons.  First, the entry fee is literally a few can goods or a small donation.  There are no frills or prizes to be won.  It is just a family event that gets the blood flowing before a fun holiday with lots of candy. Second, this race is designed for the season runner looking to PR or the beginner looking to finish.  Since the course is 3 laps around a friendly neighborhood, there is always someone to cheer you on at every corner.  Seriously, by lap 3 they may even know your name!

This year, a friend of mine asked me to participate with her.  Unfortunately, she came down with a cold and was unable to attend.  But, the race went on and so did I.  However, this race didn’t go as smoothly as I had planned.

The night before I set my alarm for 6am.  It takes a lot more work to get ready for races when you have to pack up a baby.  I went to bed by 10 (I know, I’m such a party animal), and wanted to make sure I got plenty of rest.  I hadn’t been able to run much during the week leading up to the race so I was a tad nervous.  Morning came and my hubby’s alarm went off at 4am.  He needed to be at work by 5.  Sadly, the dogs thought this was their normal wake up time, so I had to take them out at 4:30ish.  I finally got back to bed at 5am.  I was passed out when I heard the dogs starting to bark.  I immediately panicked and sure enough my ride (the trusted parents) were in my driveway.  I race (no pun intended) downstairs to let my mom in and then back up to rush to get ready.  Mom tended to Hailey and got her ready as I hurried gathering my stuff and anything needed for the diaper bag.  We make it in the car within 10 min. of them being in our driveway.

After apologizing a few times, we make it to the race and a good number of people were already there warming up.  I, of course, need to feed Hailey prior to the race starting.  A quick bit to eat and then I am able to bundle her into the stroller for our warm up.  We take a small jaunt around part of the neighborhood route with a fellow church runner.  It was a slow, but steady pace that allowed me to get used to pushing Hailey.

The race started promptly at 8:30am and I started towards the back because I was the only one with a stroller.  I was able to pass a few people within the first mile. I was at a slow and steady pace of 9:30/mile for the first mile and then 10:20/mile for the second.  Honestly, I was a little tired.  However, when we finished the second mile, my mom was waiting on the sideline.  Unfortunately, her back was hurting and she needed to bow out before injuring it further.  The race season is just beginning to have an injury already.  So, I stop Hailey with her and then take off for the last mile.  I manage to run the last mile at a 9:17/mi. pace and felt like I was picking up the pace as the mile went on.

As I completed my race, I look to find Hailey and my mom.  It is at this time that I am questioned as to why I had the front wheel locked.  I had no idea that the front wheel could lock into place.  I knew the back wheels were fine, but the front apparently can lock (which makes turning rather difficult).  So, all in all I set my alarm clock for the wrong day and I ran 2.5 miles (when you include the warm up) with the front wheel locked.  For those circumstances, I am completely ok with my pace.

Coming around mile 2 before leaving Hailey with Grandma.

Coming around mile 2 before leaving Hailey with Grandma.

I am trying to figure out which race I want to compete in next and if I will push Hailey or have her stay on the sidelines with her daddy.  However, I know that I will enjoy every minute of the race and be proud of my time.

Anyone else have a funny story about a race they participated in recently? Until next time, be confident! Be fit! Be you!

Gearing Up for a 5k

It’s that time again! Races have started and I haven’t made it to the starting line yet.  That is all going to change on April 4th!  I will be completing my first 5k of the season and my first time pushing Hailey in the stroller.  The past few years I have participated in the Run to Resurrection on the Saturday before Easter. This is a great race because you do three laps around a quiet neighborhood in North Canton.

Apparently I am really good at avoiding the camera.  After searching through the last 3 years, I did not find one picture of me. So, this one of my mom will have to do!

Apparently I am really good at avoiding the camera. After searching through the last 3 years, I did not find one picture of me. So, this one of my mom will have to do!

If you are looking to do a 5k for the first time, then look no further!!!! The fee is practically free!! Simply bring some canned goods or small donation for the food pantry and you are entered!  There are friendly and encouraging faces during the entire race to help you get through the 3 miles (and I’ll be there).

This year, not only will I be pushing little Hailey in the jogging stroller, but I will be jogging alongside a friend of mine to help her complete her first 5k!  I’m extremely excited for her to complete this goal and I am honored that she asked me to join her!

Just a few of the encouraging banners that are at every turn!

Just a few of the encouraging banners that are at every turn!

If you want to try a 5k and have lots of support, then I highly recommend clicking this link and registering today! Whether you walk, run, skip or crawl, you can get across this finish line!!!  I hope to see you there!!!


Have you clicked the link yet??? What are you waiting for??? Here, I will provide the link again here!  If you don’t think you are ready for the walk/run, then please consider volunteering!  You can contact Greg via the link to register for the race.  Make this your new Easter tradition!

I miss running!

I’m sure my 6th grade self is absolutely kicking herself in the butt for even saying that phrase.  I joined the track team thinking I would enjoy running.  I was slow, but could run longer distances than most.  I was therefore slated to run the 400 and 800 (which now seems like a sprint distance).  I could barely run those distances and I was usually one of the last people to cross the finish line.  My only motivation was my teammate who ran the same distance often times was behind me and would throw up before or just after crossing the finish line.  Honestly, that is extreme motivation to stay ahead of her.

I only competed with the track team for that one year and then decided that it was definitely not for me.  I was always considered slow, even with softball and basketball and I can say that I haven’t increased my speed that much over the years.  But, over time I have managed to increase my distance and I have become passionate about running.

Thus, I’m now completely bummed that I can barely get out to run even a short 800 meters. I miss putting on all my cold weather gear to hit the road or track. I miss Roy, the skunk at the park that one of the fellow 5am tracker goers named. I miss going in circles and starting to dread the same loop over and over just wondering how I can up the excitement.  I miss everything about the running season.

So, what is a girl to do in the meantime?  Well, I am continuing to workout with good ole Shaun T and the trainers at my gym.  I’m trying to stay positive that whenever there is a nice day, to jump on the running bandwagon and even do just 2 miles.  But, as soon as the weather is decent, I am pulling the jogging stroller out, bundling up my little one and hitting the track (avoid the road for obvious safety reasons).  I know that Spring is just around the corner, but I need it to be mid-April already.

Come on warmer weather!!!!! In the meantime, be confident! Be fit! Be you!

This guy is dedicated!

This guy is dedicated!