The 4am wake up

With children you are bound to have a few restless nights.  Those nights I wouldn’t change for the world and I am blessed to have them.  They also make me insanely tired and wish my husband wasn’t such a great sleeper.  Although our room is on the other end of the hall, apparently a child’s cry in the middle of the night is heard easiest by mom. I do get tired, but that’s not what where this post is heading.

When I inevitably am woken up by either a child staring creepily at me without saying a word or the cry of the littlest, I take advantage of my extra time.  My alarm is already set to 4:40am 5 days out of the week.  This allows me to get up, start functioning, workout, and start getting ready for my day before the kiddos wake up for the day.  I manage to get a load of dishes done or start a load of laundry and take the dogs out for a second bathroom trip before we head out in the morning.  I attribute getting all of those tasks done to having a successful morning routine as well as waking up and having “me” time.

So, what happens when I am woken up before the alarm?  I don’t just curl back into bed or change my alarm to a later time.  I spend a little extra time with my workout or getting something extra done around the house.  I read a book called The 5am Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast by Jeff Sanders, that helped me change my tone when one of my kids woke me up before the dreaded alarm.  It’s not about waking up at an ridiculous hour, but waking up with intention and purpose, having a plan for your day, and setting goals for yourself.  Your wake up may be 4am, 5am or even 10am.  Whatever it is, allow yourself some time to energize yourself for the day.  Whether you work out first thing when you wake up, meditate, read a book over a cup of coffee, spend some time doing something for you.  It has definitely made my mornings a bit easier and I don’t feel like I’m constantly going to be late.  In fact, I usually have a few extra minutes I can play with my kids.


This frame I turned into a dry erase board sits right on my bed.  I change what it says based on what I need to hear at the moment.

So, the next time you are woken up earlier than planned, don’t just roll over and reset the alarm. Get up and do something for yourself!  As always, be confident, be fit, be you!


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