Second, Third or Fourth Attempt

No matter how many times you have fallen short with your goals, you can always start over.  What rule is there that says you only have one chance to try and change yourself?  This past week, I had to do just that.

I have spent the last two weeks trying to sleep through the night.  I’ve always heard that when you become a parent you no longer sleep.  I honestly did not want to believe that part of parenting.  I have always enjoyed sleeping and can nap like a child, but recently I wake up and instantly am wide awake.  On some of those days, I was able to get up and work out.  But most of the time, I was trying to fall back asleep because I knew I had to be functional for the work day.

So, if you are in this scenario, what can you do to stay motivated?  Find small ways that you can incorporate a workout into your day.  Something that is 5-10 minutes is going to be more manageable than a full 30-60 minute workout.  The shorter workout will also give you bursts of energy.  Completing two or three short workouts during the day will help you get through the long work day.

Stay hydrated and worry more about your food intake.  On days when you feel extremely sluggish, it is more important to eat healthy super foods.  Things like protein, vegetables and fruits will naturally keep you energized and feeling good.  Plus, eating crap will only make you feel more sluggish.

Although I only worked out three days this past week, I was able to drink all of my water (100 oz per day) and eliminated junk food (yay Lent!)! Therefore, I do not feel like I failed this week. This coming week, my goal will be to increase my workout by one day.  I was able to catch up on some sleep during the weekend.  Hopefully, I can maintain the water and food as well to make it a very successful week!

What will you be doing this week to take your goal to the next level?

Be confident, be fit, be you!

The dreaded 4 letter word

D I E T.

This may be the most over used word in the English dictionary. I personally have a lot of problems with the four letter word previously mentioned.  People in our society use food as punishment, rewards, stress relief, and boredom.  None of these uses are appropriate for people.  We need better solutions.  We need better support.  We need to stop using that disgusting word.

A healthy lifestyle does not come in the form of a magic weight loss pill, magic drink, or even in starvation plans.  A healthy lifestyle comes in the form of green vegetables, lean proteins, healthy carbs and fats and a steady workout regime.

If you didn’t see the results you wanted for January, then reevaluate your goals and consult your doctor if necessary.  If you were unsuccessful last month, that does not mean you will fail again this month.  Take that determination and drive to have a goal focused February.

Some helpful tips:
1. Stop buying pop, chips, ice cream, candy, etc.
2. Start planning your meals and prepping if you can or if that is the way you can hold yourself accountable.
3. Write your workouts on a calendar.  If you’ve scheduled them into your life, you will more than likely take the time to complete them.
4. Find a friend that you can rely on to kick you in the badonkadonk if you aren’t willing to do it for yourself.  You need to hold yourself to the highest standard because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

What will your goals be for the month of February?

As always, be confident, be fit, be you!