Weekly Recap

Hey everyone!

Let me quickly recap the goals for last week.  I was going to work out 5x for at least 30 minutes, not eat anything after 7:30, pack healthy lunches to avoid sugar cravings, and drink 100oz of water per day.

I hit two-ish of those goals.  I did work out 5x this week (more on this later) and I also did not eat after 7:30.  However, the “ish” is because I definitely packed healthy lunches this past week, but that did not stop me from my sugar addictions.  I would head into a coworkers office to snag a few tootsie rolls.  I don’t even go to the cheap gym promoting such crap.  So, I ate my healthy foods, but also ate their junk food as well.  The only goal I was completely unsuccessful with was the water goal.  I was close to my goal a few days, I just couldn’t take one more sip.  I don’t like to drink my water later in the day because the obvious middle of the night bathroom trips are not wanted.

I am not going to say I was defeated this week.  I am going to say that I had some successes and some failures.  It gives me the opportunity to continue working towards those goals I was unable to achieve during this week.  I feel confident that I will be able to overcome my sugar cravings (I should probably stop making ice cream every weekend).  I am positive that I will be able to get my water intake up to the 100oz goal.  This week proved that I am able to tackle the goals that I am ready to achieve at this point and were I can seek improvement.

This past week I also injured my back (God only knows how) and was in a lot of pain. I woke up in excruciating pain and was unsure how I had ended up in this position.  I have literally no idea what I did to cause the problem.  I took it easy on Monday and was able to workout Tuesday.

This weeks goals: 1. Workout 5x this week 2. Register for Tackle the Tour 3. Instead of eating junk, find something to be productive 4. Continue to work towards 100oz of water per day.

These goals are obtainable.  Let me know what your goals are for the week!  As always, be confident, be fit, be you!


A few current favorites

Hey guys and gals! I hope your week was fantastic and you worked towards your goals.  If you didn’t hit your goals, that’s okay!  There is always the next week to kick the goals butt!

This past week I worked to reduce my sugar intake and there were times when I struggled with this goal.  On the plus side, there were numerous times I was able to tell the sugar to take a hike!  The best way I found to eliminate the sugar craving was by having water by my side at ALL times.  I am weak in my efforts if that bottle is not close enough to save me.

On that note, I am a water bottle junkie.  I love to find new water bottles that I feel make drinking water even easier.  I don’t like the water bottles with metal because it seems to have that metallic taste no matter what.  I was obsessed with my contigo water bottle for the longest time, but I found a glass bottle (with a safe rubber sleeve to protect it from my clumsiness).  I took that bottle with me everywhere.  Eventually, the bottle dropped in just the right manner that the cap broke. *Insert extremely sad face here*  Until Christmas, that is.  My inlaws found this BPA free plastic bottle that looked exactly like a large water bottle!  You can open it two different ways, which is extremely convenient.  The larger opening allows you to add ice, lemon juice, or powders.  The smaller opening is the size of a standard water bottle.  Seriously, how can one individual be so excited for a water bottle?  I just love this thing!

aladdin water bottle image

There are a variety of colors to choose from as well!

The other thing I am obsessed with right now is my Cellucor Alpha Amino in Watermelon flavor.  I love the flavor and it gives me a nice burst of energy during my workouts.  I also will drink a glass if I’m feeling really tired during the day.   I’ve attached a link to the picture if you want to order this for yourself!

So, now that I’ve shared a few of my new favorite things, I’m going to set a few goals for the week.  First goal, work out 5 times for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Second, no foods after 7:30pm.  Third, pack healthy lunches and snacks to avoid the sugar craving during the afternoon. Final, drink 100oz of water per day. I’ve got to put these water bottles to good use, right?

What are you going to do this week to make positive changes in your life?  Feel free to share them and I will check in with you periodically throughout the week to see how they are coming!

You can do anything you set your mind to! Be confident, be fit, be you!!!!

Staying Focused

Hey everyone!

Week 2, so far I’m sticking to my commitments!  Last week I mentioned I was no longer in school, which was taking up a large portion of my free time.  Well, for clarification I am not in school because I completed the course work for my Masters degree in Early Childhood Education.  My diploma is in the mail!  I will gladly take a selfie once I receive that awesome accomplishment!

As for the video, I attempted to film a workout this past Monday and was unsuccessful.  I need to figure out a way to configure my basement and the camera so that viewers would actually be able to see the workout and not just me talking.  I also need to work on lighting because it was far too dark for a decent quality video.  I will be working on those issues in the weeks to come.  However, in the mean time, I will post at least one of my workouts on here and the Facebook page: (www.facebook.com/confidentandfitmom)

My favorite workout this week involved my basement steps.  There are 13 steps going from our main level to the basement.

Here is the actual workout
*Stair Suicide- starting at the bottom go up one step, then down; go up two steps, then down; go up three steps, then down; repeat until you’ve completed all of your stairs.

* 10 push ups

*Stair Suicide

*25 Bicycle Crunches

* Stair Suicide

Repeat this 3x

This week, focus on one part of your life that you would like to make a little better.  We all would love to win that Billion dollar jackpot, but with the odds stacked against us, find something that will better you.  Write it down, post it here, or tell a friend.  Hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals.  This week, I will avoid candy, ice cream or other junk food.  Post your goals and I will support you!

Be confident, be fit, be you!


New Year, New Endeavours

Well, I obviously failed at blogging last year throughout the marathon training.  Really, I failed at blogging about a lot of things last year.  Hopefully this year will be a completely different story!  I am no longer in school and am finding new things to fill my time.  I am not one to sit in front of a T.V. and just veg out.  I much prefer to remain as active as possible before bed.
So, with that in mind, I started a Facebook page to encourage others to also reach their goals this year.  On New Years day, I posted something very simple, “Don’t make a resolution.  Make a commitment to yourself and hold yourself accountable.”  There is no one that can reach your goals for you and there are plenty of obstacles that will get in the way.  You have to decide that you are going to take hold of the reigns and make it happen.

Therefore, my goals include the following:
1. Blog once a week (topics may vary depending on what I’m feeling)
2. Exercise a minimum of 5 days a week for at least 15 minutes
3. Create short (15 minute) workout videos to post to Youtube
4. Continue to work on my healthy eating habits
Let me go a little further into detail regarding a few of the goals.  The first one, blogging; I plan to post one blog a week regarding my progress with any short term goal I may have set.  However, I may throw some personal ideas in there as well.  For example, I like to make my own body butter and I may share that recipe one day.  It truly is divine!

The third goal of making short Youtube videos has been a vision of mine for a little while now.  I plan to put together workouts that are easy to do anywhere and take very little time.  I’m sorry, but I want to scream at people who tell me they don’t have enough time to work out.  If it takes putting a t.v in your workout room, then do it.  I’m currently working on making myself more confident in front of the camera.  I will let you know when the first video is ready to go!

Hopefully you had an amazing holiday season with family and loved ones.  I look forward to continuing this blog and inspiring others to be even more amazing!new year quote

Be Confident! Be fit! Be you!