Adding miles week by week

This week was another week of deviated running plans.  I suppose that happens when you have a tiny human to care for and their needs out weigh your training plans.  I wouldn’t change those deviations for anything, well maybe a bit more sleep.  Little one would sleep for a few hours and then when I would go to bed, she would decide that night time was over and want to play for an hour or three.  She would eventually drift back to sleep and I’d get a few moments of shut eye.  With the crazy night time schedule, she would still wake in the morning at her usual time.

Tuesday morning, I bailed on training because I was exhausted from being up half the night. Wednesday should have been the first cross training day, and yet again I bailed. Thursday, I swore I was getting up and running no matter how much sleep I was getting (or lack there of). I set my alarm clock and proceeded to hit snooze on the first ring.  However, on round two I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to put my contacts in.  As I walked past Little one’s room, she started crying and was woken up.  After finishing getting ready to head out, she is still upset and wants up.  So, I proceed to hold her and attempt to rock her back to sleep.  To no avail I put on my Hava RS and headed out the door with Little one in tow.  Instead of running 4 miles (as per the prescribed training plan), I walked one mile with Little one at the crack of dawn.

Friday was rest day, which was Hailey’s worst night of sleep/lack there of. However, Saturday, I got up and headed to the park at 7am to run 3 miles.  I decided to switch the long run to Sunday to stretch out a little. I completed the 3 miles with no problems while it drizzled the entire time.  Surprisingly, there were a good number of people at the park that morning!  Sunday morning came and Little one finally slept through the night again (man did we miss those days). Even though it was father’s day and I should have let Jake sleep in, I needed to get my 7 miles in for training.  I got all 7 miles in with an average pace of 9:20/mi., which is actually faster than I would have liked.  I’m attempting to pace the longer runs at 9:30-9:45 and then pace around a 9:00 for race day.

I have figured out a few things that I will need to pick up for training such as new shoes, socks, foam roller, and a few massages throughout training! I am enjoying the training so far, but I know as I go on it is going to become daunting.  This marathon will be a tough task, but I am excited to tackle it!

Be confident! Be fit! Be you!


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