Just keep running, just keep running

Well, another two weeks of training have come to an end.  Only this time, I wasn’t as successful in completing the prescribed training runs.  First let me recap week 20.

Was able to run 3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday morning at the crack of dawn.  I’m not sure how runners take pictures while they are running.  I don’t like to carry my phone with me for fear of dropping it and causing injury to the most precious thing I own.  Okay, maybe it isn’t that valuable, but people sure do treat their phones like a piece of the family.

On Saturday, I woke up and ran 5 miles with what seemed like little effort.  I have already started to deviate from my normal routes to ensure I don’t become bored with my running pattern.  I decided to run around the lake and then hit up some hills for the last mile and a half.  I’ve also decided that this is a great way to look for houses that are for sale!  Sunday was a quick 3 miles around the neighborhood before church.

Now, let’s recap training week 19 (I’m not sure why I decided to count backwards in my training program).

Absolutely ZERO, ZIP, NADA training runs were completed during the week.  The little one decided that sleep was for the birds and that mom and dad could simply run on fumes.  We were delighted with the opportunity to be up between the hours of 11pm and 2am.  We haven’t been awake during those hours in probably 5 years.

However, Saturday morning was a 5 mile race with a good friend.  Although the weather was less than perfect, the course was a simple trail run of out and back.  As the start time crept closer, my anxiety got to me because of the lack of training during the week.  However, I managed to find a decent pace and stick with it for most of the race!  This was exciting for me because I generally go out hard and slow down as the miles creep along.  I finished in 44 minutes and some odd seconds with an 8:50/mi pace.  Although this isn’t fast for most, I was satisfied.  I wanted to get under 45 minutes and I did just that.  I also managed to place 1st out of 7 in my age group (kind of shocking, but no one else was there).

Saturday night we had our first night away from the baby as we attended a wedding for our good friends.  Since we hadn’t experienced a night with no interruptions in over 10 months, I decided to sleep in and skip the training run on Sunday.  I’m sure at this stage in the game my training, or lack there of, won’t affect the overall performance come October 18th.

Let’s just see what week 18 looks like with training! I’m not making an promises to anyone that from here on out all training runs will be completed.  However, I do promise to continue working towards the end goal of running my first (and probably only) marathon.

As always, be confident, be fit, be you!


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