Staying motivated

If you’ve been working out or eating healthier from the start of the year, then you’re already two months in! Congratulations!  I’m sure by now you’ve managed to hit a small goal or maybe even a few small goals! It is much easier to continue towards the healthier lifestyle if you are seeing improvement in all areas of your life.

However, we all have those days and weeks that we just seem to fall off the wagon.  Honestly, I am feeling a little like that myself.  There are times when I work so hard at eating healthy meals throughout the day and getting in at least a 30 minute workout, that I start to feel bored.  I have a set routine of getting up at 5:30am to knock out the workout and then get Hailey up and ready for the day.  I have to be out of the house by 7:30 to beat the school traffic and get to work on time.  So, after so many weeks in a row, eventually my body is just completely worn out.  I end up missing a workout here or there and I crave sugar and completely unhealthy food.

So, how do I beat the workout exhaustion and the sugar cravings?  I realize that it is ok to have one or two days that are out of my normal routine.  I understand that I will not continue down a spiral of unhealthy choices just because I sleep in one or two days.  I physically and mentally can not miss too many workouts.  Even during my pregnancy it was killing me that I was unable to do as much as I wanted.  I know that I need to workout and eat healthy for my own self-esteem.  I’ve known that if I do not workout and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I become extremely depressed.  So, I workout hard and often to maintain a happy and comfortable feeling with myself.

All in all, it is ok if you break routine once, twice or even three times.  The whole point is that you get right back into the routine.  You won’t completely go backwards with your progress if you skip one day.  It is when you make skipping your new habit that you lose progress and eventually have an excuse for every day.  Remember to stay confident! Be fit! Be you!  If you need an accountability partner to stay on track, please feel free to contact me! I would be happy to help you reach your goals!


2 thoughts on “Staying motivated

  1. So true! I’ve been consistent since the beginning of the year and I really think it’s because I don’t beat myself up when I slip up. In the past, a slip up could destroy my progress, but I’ve finally been able to change my frame of thinking.


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